Critical Reasons Teens Should See a Gynaecologist

For mature adults, scheduling a reproductive health examination and screening is a typical healthy routine. However, the same cannot be said for teens, who deem the thought of seeing a gynaecologist a nerve-racking and uncomfortable experience. However, it should not be the case. Teens need to understand their reproductive health and take a proactive approach from an early age. Therefore, while you could give your child time to get over their fear or discomfort of talking about their reproductive health, you should emphasize the importance of seeing a gynaecologist. This post highlights critical reasons for teens to see a gynaecologist.

Establish Continuity of Care 

When it comes to teens, continuity of care is a core value of reproductive health specialists. Notably, teens have several milestones in their lives regarding reproductive health. Therefore, your child should start seeing a gynaecologist early since it allows a specialist to establish a long-term health history. Consequently, a gynaecologist can advise your teen based on the medical record gathered over the years. Therefore, if your child questions why they should visit their gynaecologist, tell them that the long-term relationship will prove critical in the future.

Talk Teens Out of Anxiety 

Indeed, teens who are close to their parents might be more open when talking about reproductive health than with strangers. Unfortunately, parents are not reproductive health specialists and might not answer some critical questions, which cause anxiety in teens. For instance, most teens believe that a pelvic exam is mandatory during every visit to a gynaecologist's clinic, causing extreme anxiety. However, a pediatric gynaecologist is trained to handle teen issues and thwart common beliefs and myths regarding reproductive health. For example, your teen's gynaecologist will strive to establish rapport with your child. Consequently, your teen will understand that reproductive health visits rarely involve pelvic exams or pap smears, which goes a long way in facilitating discussions regarding gynecologic concerns.

Empowering Young Women 

Young people need to be their advocates regarding reproductive health care. However, it is only possible with empowerment, and what better way to achieve it than by providing the correct information. According to professional gynaecologists, reproductive health visits entail some embarrassing aspects. In this regard, gynaecologists provide teenagers with all the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding reproductive health. If teenagers are not empowered from an early age, other people will make crucial decisions on their behalf, which is the last thing your child needs during growth and development.

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