Understanding Wellness

What does your doctor mean when he or she informs you that your wellness is important? Wellness is your general physical (health) and mental well-being, which is affected by other factors like your emotional, social, intellectual, occupational, environmental, spiritual and nutritional well-being. Here's how these factors work together to enhance your general wellness:

Physical Health

You need to identify whether you eat healthily, keep warm when it is cold, keep yourself and your surroundings clean and visit your doctor for health and hygiene advice and treatment when sick. Visit a nutritionist to find out what foods are healthy for your body and which ones you might be allergic to. You can easily find an alternative to those foods so that you don't miss out on important nutrients.

Do you exercise? You might think that exercising only helps you keep fit and your body look great, but it helps your body remain active and able to fight off any illnesses. Therefore, always make room for exercise.

Mental Well-Being

Your mental state is crucial because it can affect everything that you do. If you lack mental peacefulness, you might not eat well or generally take care of yourself, which can lead to health problems. 

Emotional Well-Being

Emotional well-being is related to the lack of stress, depression and anxiety. If there are things in your life that cause the three states (stress, depression and anxiety), you need to seek a specialist's help before you get to a serious point that can even lead to suicide. You deserve to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Social Well-Being

This is simply how you relate with other people and how you feel in public. Are you comfortable with how you look, or is there something that makes you feel unpresentable? Can you do anything to change it, or do you need to learn how to live with it? You might need a social well-being specialist to help you become socially comfortable and learn to love yourself.

Occupational Well-Being

This mainly constitutes how your job makes you feel. Are you getting along with people in your workplace? Do you enjoy or love your job? Are you being bullied at work? You need to be happy and feel comfortable at your workplace. You should also feel respected and appreciated. If there are concerns, you should be able to raise them with the relevant department to help you feel more comfortable.

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