Clear Signs Your Child Needs to See a Podiatrist

Every parent looks forward to the day their child will make their first steps. For most families, it is a memorable moment worth capturing on video. However, the wait can be long for some parents because of complications. As a parent, you must keep an eye on your child's feet as the kid grows. If you are keen enough and know what to look out for, you can easily spot foot issues and report to your podiatrist in good time. This article highlights symptoms that indicate your child needs to see a podiatrist

Child Hides their Feet

How many times do you examine your child's feet? You might be surprised at the number of people that don't do it. When your child starts to walk they will be exploring all manner of terrain, which can cause injuries. Consequently, some children tend to curl their feet to hide painful calluses and redness or swelling. Therefore, you should make a point of examining your child's feet regularly. It helps you to identify potentially harmful conditions that might require a podiatrist's intervention. 

Favours One Leg

Does your child have a favourite blanket, shawl or toy? As a parent, you know how challenging it can be to stop a child from using their favourite object or toy. However, if your kid favours one foot over another, you should not take such behaviour as normal. For example, a child who always places their body weight on their right foot might have a weaker left foot. On the other hand, if the child's walk favours one foot, it might also indicate pain on the other leg. Therefore, assess your kid's gait and structure occasionally. If you notice the child favouring one foot over the other, you need to book an appointment with a podiatrist. 

Sudden Discontent in Enjoyable Activities

If your child loves physical activities like running, jumping and climbing, it is less likely that they will suddenly dislike these activities. Most children outgrow the running, but only gradually. However, you will know your child has a problem with their feet if they suddenly stop or become disinterested in activities they love. For instance, if your child loves to climb and jump over furniture and they suddenly stop for a couple of days, look at their feet. The child might have developed an ingrown nail or a painful lump on their feet which prevents their ability to enjoy the above activities. Whichever is the case, calling a podiatrist on time will help to take care of the problem.  

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