Why Should You Keep the Frames of Your Presciption Glasses Tight?

When you pick up a pair of glasses, your optician will take a few measurements to ensure they are a perfect fit. When you put them on, you'll feel a little pressure behind your ears holding them in place. Unfortunately, glasses can start to loosen over time, so you'll need to have them tightened by your optician every once in a while.

Here are just a few reasons why you need to keep your eyeglasses tight.

Problems Staying on Your Face

Clearly, the most important reason to keep your glasses nice and tight is to prevent them from falling off your face. If they do, your vision will be impaired until you can get them back on, which could be a real issue if you need high prescription lenses. If your glasses come off outside, you might even find it hard to find them again. Additionally, your glasses might break when they fall off. You might not think that glasses slipping off is a big deal, but what if you're driving or doing something else that demands your full attention? Remember, glasses not loose enough to fall right off all the time can still do so when you make unexpected movements. It's best to play it safe.

Lenses Are Not Where They Should Be

When the frames of your glasses get a little loose, they won't be able to hold the lenses in precisely the right position. If the lenses move too far away from your eyes, you may find yourself squinting. If they move down your nose, you could find the view slightly distorted. If one side is even a little looser than the other, one lens could move further away from your eye than the other. These issues can all affect your vision.

Headaches and Discomfort

When your glasses are properly tightened, the pressure of the pads behind your ears and the bridge around your nose should be enough to hold them firmly in place. As your glasses start to loosen, you may start finding yourself using the muscles around your face to hold them in place. For example, you might pull back your ears to keep the lenses close to your face. This might not seem like much effort – in fact, you might not even notice that you're doing it – but holding your muscles like that for hours at a time can lead to facial discomfort and headaches. If you feel the muscles in your face relax when you take off your glasses, those glasses probably need to be tightened.

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