When to Ditch Painkillers and See a Neurologist About Your Headache

Headaches are a normal part of life, and almost every adult has had a headache during their lifetime. Most of the usual headaches are due to fatigue, stress, and too much time behind a computer or on the phone. All you have to do is pop a Tylenol or take lots of water and you will be good within no time. However, there are certain headaches that aren't normal, and they do not occur as a result of the daily hassles and bustles of life. Such headaches require the immediate attention of a specialist as they can be as a result of an underlying problem in the body. This article will teach you some of the red flags which indicate the kind of pain you are feeling should not be treated with painkillers.

Your headaches are getting weird

Everyone knows the kind of headaches they usually have and what cures them. For example, if your head hurts after using the computer, the pain is localized around the eyes and temples. If you experience migraines, you are familiar with the throbbing of the head and light sensitivity that comes with it. However, if you experience a weird pain that you have never had before, don't take it lightly. Extraordinary headaches, especially those that are not accompanied by the usual symptoms such as light sensitivity may be caused by an underlying health condition. You need to see a doctor so that they can run tests and determine the root cause of the pain.

You're experiencing severe pain

Normal headaches quickly go away after taking a painkiller, hydrating, and getting some rest. The pain may be much but is usually unbearable. So, if you get what you would describe as "the worst headache of your life," don't wait it out with painkillers. Headaches that are characterized by severe pain can be as a result of blood vessel rupture, inflammation in the brain, or tumours. If you suffered head injury recently, the pain could be also caused by bleeding within the skull. This headache should be treated as an emergency as it can be caused by a life-threatening condition.

You're experiencing numbness and visual disturbances

Your usual stress headache should not be accompanied by numbness in the face or weakness in the hands and legs. So, if your neck feels stiff or the body fees numb and weak during a headache episode, you shouldn't ignore the symptoms. Various conditions such as brain tumours can cause body stiffness, weakness, and visual disturbances. The symptoms may pass once the headache cures, but they will reoccur after some time unless the underlying problem is addressed.

You should not ignore headaches that are accompanied by these symptoms. Contact a neurosurgeon so that they can examine you and identify the cause of the headaches.

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