Marriage Counselling – Top Two Reasons Why It Is Ideal For All Couples

Issues in a relationship will vary from one couple to the next. Additionally, the severity of these problems will also vary, as what one couple may deem minor may be the bane of the existence of another couple. Whether it is chronic arguing or financial disputes if these problems are not addresses they could end up causing a massive rift between you and your spouse. Before you know it, you and your partner have drifted so much that the marriage cannot be salvaged anymore.

However, if you would like to put in the work and keep your marriage on track, you and your spouse should consider marriage counselling. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to wait until your relationship reaches a breaking point to seek this help. Below are top two reasons why marriage counselling is ideal for all couples, irrespective of how serious their marital problems are.

Marriage counselling gives you a fresh view of your relationship

What some couples do not realise is that it can be quite challenging to have your relationship in perspective when you are in the thick of it. Typically, it would be easier for someone on the outside looking in to be able to see the glaring issues between the two of you instead because they will not be involved in the blame game. Where some relationships go wrong is that instead of also putting yourself in your partner's shoes, you solely focus on all the wrongs that have been committed against you and all you strive to achieve is retribution.

When you go for marriage counselling, the therapist can open your eyes to what role you are playing in the breaking down of your union. Thus, you get a better idea of which areas you need to work on by yourself and meet your partner halfway in repairing the relationship. Nonetheless, keep in mind that both you and your spouse have to be willing to do the work as a one-sided relationship is doomed not to work.

Marriage counselling facilitates confronting of emotions

Another typical problem that is faced by couples is lack of communication, mainly when there is conflict. Some people may try to avoid confrontation, and in doing so, they hide their private emotions in an attempt to keep the peace. The problem with this habit is that you end up bottling in all your feelings and this can have two negative results.

The first is that you could end up blowing off your lid at a minor provocation, simply because you have unresolved issues with your spouse. Secondly, you may end up being distant emotionally, and this will create a void in your relationship. With marriage counselling, you learn how to face your problems head-on in a controlled environment, rather than to avoid your emotions altogether. 

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