3 Considerations of Long-Term Tooth Whitening

Special events, weddings, and holidays tend to bring out the need for tooth whitening. The issue comes up when you want to receive long-term whitening instead of short term results. If you are planning on achieving long-term tooth whitening, then there are a few things you should consider. These considerations deal with the process of long-term whitening options as well as what to expect from treatment plans and possible lifestyle changes.

Shades and Long-Term Tooth Whitening

One of the first misconceptions that comes with any type of tooth whitening is related to shades of white. There is a misconception that you can go from the current shade of your teeth to a near white in one setting. The truth is, you may need several sessions before you reach the desired shade you are looking for. You may also find that you have to return on a routine basis to maintain that shade. Though there are options that may last longer than others, and give you results with fewer visits, they will all require several sessions to get to your goal.

Treatment Plan Considerations

You may want to consider several treatment plan options to reach your desired tooth whitening goal. Keep in mind some of these plans may require, or suggest, treatments outside of tooth whitening. This depends greatly on the severity of the discolouration as well as any damage that may have been sustained to your teeth already. For example, you may be offered the option of veneers if the goal is to achieve a much white shade. You may also find that some treatment plans require options for sensitive teeth to prevent pain from the whitening process that may occur.

Steps to Take to Maintain Long-Term Whitening

When you decide to go with a long-term tooth whitening option and treatment plan, you will also need to take some steps outside of the whitening sessions. These steps are to make sure you maintain the shade you have paid for with each visit to the dentist. Some of these steps may include reducing coffee intake to decrease stains. You may also choose to start using straws to prevent less stain causing drinks from reaching your teeth. There may also be a need for different toothpastes or gels as well. Your dentist can advise you accordingly depending on your specific needs and lifestyle.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can decide if long-term tooth whitening options may be ideal for your needs. If you still aren't sure what options may be best for your specific goals, then contact your dentist for a consultation. They can help you determine a treatment plan and scheduling that works best for you.

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